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Heating plate 800W

Artikelnr. 0IRHP100A-03

ERSA Heating Plate HP100A

The newest addition to the i-CON C workbench family is the infrared heating plate 0IRHP100A-03. The proven IR heating plate which comes directly out of Ersa's world renowned IR rework product line, now offers bottom-side preheating for hand soldering, de-soldering and touch-up applications. The safe yet powerful medium wavelength IR heating technology offers a tremendous benefit to today's workbench. Working temperatures of both the soldering iron, heated SMD tweezer and/or de- soldering iron can be greatly reduced. Lower tip temperatures decrease the risk of PCB damage while at the same time greatly increasing the lifetime of the tips! The IRHP heating plate is controlled by either the i-CON1 C or the i- CON2 C. This means that operators can customize their workbench by choosing the proper tool for their application - 150 W i-TOOL soldering iron, the CHIP TOOL heated tweezers for SMDs or the 120 W X-TOOL for through-hole de-soldering. Additionally, Ersa offers three different options for PCB handling depending on the application and the size of the PCB. The large digital display & user-friendly menu control of the i-CON C offers maximum process control in 10 languages! accessories: 0IRHP100A-14 0IC113A0C See the figure. Infrared heating plate with i-CON C, heating surface 125 x 125 mm. Hot plate without a control line and i-Con 1 supplied


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