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The Ersa soldering tools are briefly presented here

You can find everything about soldering as well as further information about it in our Online-Shop!

Soldering irons, gas soldering irons and soldering sets

The success story of Ersa soldering irons began in 1921 with the patent application of the first electric soldering iron by the company founder Ernst Sachs.

Over the course of many years, the soldering irons and soldering sets, quick soldering devices and gas-powered soldering irons have proven themselves millions of times over worldwide and always offer a suitable solution for the most diverse applications.


Soldering stations

From the smallest and cheapest station, the i-CON PICO, to the new flagship, the i-CON VARIO 4, different models are available to the user, all of which convince with innovative technology.

High-tech soldering and desoldering, variety and precision: no problem with Ersa top products.
The precise measurement of the temperature at the soldering tip and the micro-processor controlled heating behaviour guarantee safe lead-free soldering at comparably low temperatures. At the same time, the high power of the Ersa soldering stations ensures excellent reheating behaviour. Even high-mass lead-free applications can be processed without any problems.

Ersa i-CON - soldering efficiently and comfortably with innovative technology.

Ensuring quality under the aspect of lead-free soldering technology is a huge challenge for the hand soldering sector. Therefore, users place many demands on a modern hand soldering unit: it should be small, light and ergonomic, must not get too hot during the soldering process and needs high power as well as a high efficiency for fast heating and reheating during soldering. In addition, the tips should be easy and quick to change and the operation and programming of the station should be simple and convenient.

The stations of the Ersa i-CON series meet these requirements to the highest degree.


Soldering tips, desoldering tips and hot air nozzles

The soldering tip is the "heart" of the soldering iron and is responsible for the heat flow from the heating element via the solder to the soldering point.  Depending on the iron and the soldering task, a wide variety of tip types are available. Prerequisites for good soldering are the right tip shape, perfect heat conduction, flawless condition and reliable resistance.

ERSADUR soldering tips are made for continuous operation and high quality. In a special process developed by Ersa, they are galvanically plated with an iron layer and protected from corrosion and oxidation by an additional chrome layer. Perfect heat transfer protects the heating element of the soldering iron from overload and premature wear. Ersa offers a comprehensive range of soldering and desoldering tips for the diverse requirements.

Solder fume extraction systems

In all soldering processes, the use of fluxes inevitably produces harmful vapours and gases.

This and also the aspect that flux precipitation on PCBs can lead to problems makes the use of solder fume extraction systems increasingly necessary, also from a quality point of view. Ersa EASY ARM solder fume extraction systems efficiently and economically ensure clean PCBs and healthy breathing air during manual soldering. They extract the fumes of an entire work area via large nozzles, which are available in various designs, and filter them efficiently. Ersa EASY ARM systems with their robust, durable metal housings have a compact design, can be used very flexibly and operate pleasantly quietly. Through the intelligent interface to the Ersa i-CON C soldering stations, you can use the practical standby function and thus considerably save energy costs and conserve resources.


Workplace accessories and aids

All about soldering - everything from a single source:
Ersa special equipment and tools, temperature measuring devices, auxiliary materials and consumables for the production and repair of high-quality printed circuit boards.

Solder wire, solder, flux and cleaning accessories

Low-residue, halogen-free no-clean solder wire. Specially adapted to the requirements of electronics production. The flux in the solder wire is characterised by high temperature resistance and does not splash during melting.

The fluxes have been specifically developed for lead-free soldering and rework. The fluxes are resinous and halogen-free and have a long activation time (large process window), leaving only small residues.

The cleaning agents and accessories from ECS are quality products and particularly suitable for the electrical, electronics and industrial sectors.

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