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Soldering accessories

Indispensable additional products for professional soldering!

Our range of soldering accessories includes:

Below you will find some useful information on solder designations, flux designations and the most commonly used abbreviations.

Solder alloys:

Sn: Tin, Pb: Lead, Ag: Silver, Cu: Copper, Ni: Nickel, Ge: Germanium

The figures for the solder alloys always correspond to the weight %, also for the fluxes!

Solder wire containing lead. Low melting range of 183°C (Sn63Pb37), known shiny solder joints, legally only permitted in exceptional cases in the EU due to lead content.

Lead-free solder alloy with a melting range of 217°-219°C (Sn96.5Ag3Cu0.5).
Ideal for difficult soldering tasks, because of the expensive silver also often used as alloy Sn99Ag0.3Cu0.7 (217°-227°C), but with minor restrictions on mechanical properties of the solder joint.

Lead-free solder alloy. Less expensive compared to SnAgCu, but poorer mechanical properties, higher melting point of 227°C (Sn99.3Cu0.7), and more shine in the solder joints.

Less oxide formation. Good wetting properties, (cosmetically produced) shiny solder joints. Ideal for solder baths due to less scaling.

Solder designations (solder wire with flux core):

ROL0 NoClean solder wire is very universally applicable, absolutely without halogens, for an increased wetting speed with low splash behaviour. Suitable for hand and robot soldering.

REL0 NoClean solder wire without rosin and absolutely halogen-free; flux carrier mainly evaporates. Residues can be easily brushed off. However, we only recommend it for slightly oxidised contact surfaces!

ROL1 NoClean solder wire with halogens for better wetting of poorly solderable and oxidised surfaces such as OSP and metals such as Ni, Zn, brass, nickel silver, odourless.


Flux content:
Typically from 0.6% - 3.5% (by weight), 0.6% means less residue, 3.5% has better wetting properties.

RO:Flux base RO = rosin = slightly yellowish residues, often more suitable for longer soldering process, rosin vapours are harmful to health, extraction recommended.

Flux base RE = Synthetic resin = clear residue but often not as long active.

These classifications divide fluxes into their corrosive properties after soldering.
Mild NoClean flux suitable for electronics manufacturing, some absolutely halogen-free.

Slightly halogenated (< 0.5 %), better wetting properties. Residues conditionally NoClean.

Higher activity than L0. Limit value NoClean.

M1:Contains halogen (< 2.0 %). Higher activity than M0. Limit NoClean, depending on the application.

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