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Ersa SOLDER SMART soldering robot

Ersa SR 500 - automatic piston soldering

Pinpoint, automatic piston soldering with the highest precision!

The Ersa SOLDER SMART SR 500 works with the powerful i-TOOL, which has been proven thousands of times in the industry.

Its heating power of 150 W allows rapid soldering processes at a stable soldering temperature and the use of very fine soldering tips from 0.4 mm up to wide tips up to 5 mm and more!

The Ersa SOLDER SMART has a high-precision and low-maintenance axis system. The x-y portal opens a large working area of 500 x 400 mm.

The soldering robot has two separate z-axes for precise and almost powerless positioning of the soldering tip.

In addition, each soldering point can be approached from any direction with the help of a rotary axis. For optimised throughput, the unit is equipped with two automatically locking drawers.

The system allows programming of single soldering, flow soldering with pre-soldered soldering tip at contact distances, as well as soldering of recurring groups (with several identical connectors or in panels) or drag soldering (line soldering).

The solder wire feed, preheating and soldering time can be precisely adjusted to the soldering heat requirements of each solder joint.

The cleaning of the soldering tip is done with rotating brushes, the cleaning intervals can be adjusted individually.

For set-up and process monitoring, the SOLDER SMART is equipped with a USB camera, which offers the highest level of detail.

The system is designed for the connection of an Ersa EASY ARM 1 solder fume extraction unit. The soldering fumes are extracted close to the soldering point.

The compact table cell is equipped with a protective bonnet to ensure safe operation and to protect the system from contamination. Integrated in this is an LED illumination to evenly illuminate the working area.

The operating software (for WindowsTM) is pre-installed on the integrated PC and supports the user in all work processes and documents them.

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