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Kurtz Ersa - Ersa GmbH

Under the brand name Ersa, the Kurtz Ersa Group offers the entire technology for the production of permanently conductive connections. Ersa is one of the world's largest and most innovative suppliers in the field of soft soldering.

In addition to the product line of soldering machines with solder paste printers, reflow ovens, wave and selective soldering systems, Ersa also develops rework systems, inspection systems and hand soldering devices.

Ernst Sachs founded the "First Special Factory for Electric Soldering Irons" in Berlin in 1921.
He formed the company name from the first letters of his name. Ersa was born.

In the same year (1921), the company founder patented an electrically operated soldering iron.
This is the origin of Europe's largest manufacturer of soldering systems.

With two hand samples of the products he had patented in the year of his foundation, he went to the Leipzig Autumn Fair to present the first electric soldering irons that had been developed to series maturity to the world public. He met with great interest from home and abroad and received his first orders. Ernst Sachs managed his young company with great commitment, inventive imagination and entrepreneurial vision. Continuous further development of the product range and expansion of production were pursued with a healthy willingness to take risks.

After the Second World War, Ernst Sachs had to build up Ersa from nothing a second time. He was helped in this by the fact that his personality had already won him recognition among customers, suppliers and also his employees. From 1953 onwards, he received help from his son Ernst Sachs Jr. It was thanks to him that Ersa was able to transform itself from a manufacturer of soldering equipment into a system provider and problem solver for the electrical engineering industry.

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