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4600 Olten, CH
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Ersa Service

Order all Ersa products including spare parts, as well as soldering accessories 24/7 with one click in our Online-Shop!

Numerous spare and wear parts for Ersa soldering systems for hand soldering, rework and inspection systems can be ordered around the clock from anywhere in the world in our online shop.

Ersa Trainings

The Ersa training contents are individually adapted to your requirements and needs.
In the training courses for soldering system / machine operators, the operators learn the basic operation of your equipment and systems; in addition, system-specific features and soldering-specific knowledge are taught.

Your benefit:

  • Best possible quality through expert advice
  • Ensuring process stability through optimally combined process and soldering system training
  • Higher productivity due to fewer or shorter soldering system downtimes
  • Higher productivity due to lower error rate
  • Know-how is distributed among several people
  • Quality optimisation

Ersa Webinars

Well-founded. Virtual. In real time.

Our hundred-year-old company has extensive knowledge about the soldering process.

We are happy to pass on this knowledge!

The respective 60 to 90-minute Ersa webinars provide information about current topics in soldering technology - whether about special features of machine soldering, the basics of professional hand soldering or the handling of rework systems.

The webinars are for professionals as well as for private soldering users, we also offer parts of our webinars in the late afternoon.

Contact us or register directly at the Ersa webside  today!

Ersa Application Centres

Ersa customers and business partners worldwide have access to spacious demo, application and training centres equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

There are nine Ersa Service Centres, all of which have the complete product portfolio of soldering systems as well as the Ersa business division "Tools, Rework and Inspection". In all Ersa Service Centres, experienced application engineers are available to demonstrate and test Ersa hardware for specific purposes. The Ersa freestyle takes place when we are allowed to optimise your assembly together with you under precisely defined conditions!