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4600 Olten, CH
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Printed circuit boards

Our range includes unassembled PCB's and PCB assembled PCBs, as well as printed electronics / circuits for every application, size and quantity, from simple prints to designs for the highest demands and/or specialities.

Single-sided, double-sided, multilayer and flexprint are produced according to your wishes and specifications.
Tested quality and monitored processes in accordance with the globally recognised standards and standards organisations: ISO, UL, IPC, MIL, BSI, GB, ANSI/ESD & AMS/OHSAS.

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HMI / Input systems

We offer a variety of different input systems such as:

We manufacture and supply input systems in almost unlimited shapes and colours.
Best, durable and highest quality for professional and industrial use. Individually applicable, dimensions and design, such as key assignment etc. according to your needs and wishes.

Membrane keypads (operating foils) Versions with extra flat, or raised keys, as well as with or without tactile feedback. Connections and connector design as standard or specific. Backlit, without illumination and/or with LED and display window. Combined systems of membrane keypads with touch screen are also available.

In order to meet the most diverse requirements and areas of application, our range includes various functional principles for implementing the touch sensitivity of the touchscreens, such as:
Resistive touch screens (4-wire to 8-wire), surface capacitive touch screens and projected capacitive touch screens. For both resistive and capacitive touchscreens, we offer single- or multi-touch.

There are also various programming and operating functions for the displays, such as buttons or touch solutions.


Ersa soldering systems

Under the brand name Ersa, the Kurtz Ersa Group offers the entire technology for the production of permanently conductive connections.
Ersa is one of the world's largest and most innovative suppliers in the field of soft soldering.

As an official representative of Ersa products, we offer you the entire range:


as well as a variety of Services such as training, demos, webinars, etc.

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Electronic and electromechanical components

Our range includes appliance switches, indicator lights, signal lamps, LEDs, plugs, fuse holders etc. for integration into a variety of products and devices.


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Solder, Flux & Cleaning Accessories

Our entire range of solder, solder wires, fluxes as well as cleaning agents and accessories can be found in our online shop.

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Do not forget to visit our Online Shop !

Many of our articles are available there directly.

Can't find what you are looking for? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you!

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Please also visit the website of our partner company Jecotec AG

Your specialist for measuring instruments, transducers, current & voltage transformers, resistors, mains analysis, power supplies and power electronics.