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TAMURA ELSOLD cored solder wires

TAMURA ELSOLD® cored solder wires have been used successfully in electronics for decades, and allow solder and flux to be applied to soldering joints simultaneously. Despite the development of solder pastes which serve the same purpose, cored solder wires have been able to hold their own, and are still the preferred solution for applications such as manual/repair soldering or automatic soldering (robot soldering). TAMURA ELSOLD® cored solder wires are available in a wide range of different versions, offering unparalleled variety. What is most innovative about these products, aside from the purity of the base metal, is the constant adaptation of flux compounds to production parameters and processes. This means that rosins and activators must be adapted to higher or modified processing temperatures.

The choice of suitable flux components and strictly controlled production conditions allow TAMURA ELSOLD® to manufacture top quality cored solder wires.

A choice of suitable fluxcan be found in our Online-Shop.
The complete range can be found on the TAMURA ELSOLD website (see following link).


TAMURA ELSOLD solid solder wires

Modern manufacturing technology such as selective machine soldering requires solid solder wires with the highest levels of production quality. TAMURA ELSOLD® manufactures ultra-high purity solid solder wires using first-melt raw materials. We guarantee consistently high product quality! Every single production batch is subject to documented and archived quality control on an ongoing basis.

Our modern production processes enable us to manufacture all leaded and lead-free alloys for use at high and low temperatures in soft soldering technology and in all areas of the electronics industry.

TAMURA ELSOLD solid solder wires