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Neuhardstrasse 38
4600 Olten, CH
+41 62 836 80 10,
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    We have been successful in business for over 40 years!

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    Official Ersa representation for the Swiss industry!

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    Your soldering professionals! Visit our online shop

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    Your PCB specialist!

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    Input systems: Membrane keyboards, touch screens, displays

    Intecag, Industrielle Technik Electronic AG, your specialist for:

    Intecag, Industrielle Technik Electronic AG, has been successfully in business for over 40 years.
    We specialise in the service and trade of quality products with a comprehensive range of printed circuit boards, membrane keyboards, operating foils, touch screen solutions, Ersa soldering systems, Ersa rework and inspection systems, solder, flux, cleaning accessories and electronic and electromechanical components.

    With our extensive experience in importing and exporting worldwide, short and reliable delivery times including stock management as well as the attractive price level, we have been able to enter into long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers. With all suppliers as well as with many customers, such partnerships have already existed for decades.

    We are particularly proud to be the official Ersa representative for soldering tools, rework & inspection systems, for Switzerland. As No.1 in the field of soldering, with Ersa we have the best possible partner at our side to solve all our customers' soldering tasks.

    Our customers are well-known companies from a wide range of markets, such as: Industrial electronics, automotive, precision equipment, laboratory equipment, air humidification, telecommunications, etc.

    Contact us and learn more about our Products and Services.



    Our products

    • Printed circuit boards unassembled and assembled
    • Input Systems, Touchscreens & Displays
    • Ersa soldering tools and accessories
    • Ersa Rework Systems and Inspection Systems
    • Ersa soldering robot
    • Solder, flux and cleaning accessories
    • Electronic and electromechanical components
    • Online Shop - All about soldering!
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    Official ERSA representative for
    Soldering tools, rework systems, inspection systems, soldering robots and services


    Vertriebspartner von TAMURA-ELSOLD Lotprodukte!

    Wir sind neu stolzer Vertriebspartner von TAMURA-ELSOLD Lotprodukte!

    TAMURA ELSOLD ist führender Hersteller innovativer Lotprodukte.
    Das Lieferprogramm umfasst alle Materialien zur Herstellung sicherer, gelöteter Verbindungen für alle bekannten Lötverfahren (Reflow-, Wellen-, Selektiv-, Automaten-, Handlöten).

    Wir bitene Ihnen:

    • Lötdrähte
    • Lotpaste
    • Stangen / Barren
    • Flussmittel
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    Everything to do with soldering - visit our Online-Shop!