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Neuhardstrasse 38
4600 Olten, CH
+41 62 836 80 10,

Do you know the following problems?

  • The keyboard on a functioning machine fails and the machine can no longer be operated?
  • The manufacturer can no longer supply the keyboard or only at very high prices?
  • But the machine should not or cannot be completely replaced?
  • Do you want to professionally convert or upgrade a machine? Or repair it?
  • You want your own corporate design on the machine?
  • The technology is to be brought up to date?

Then you have come to the right place, we offer you:

  • Development and production of input systems based on predefined patterns
  • Often more attractive prices compared to original spare parts
  • Implementation of your design ideas
  • Quotations can be prepared on the basis of samples
  • Long-term availability due to high in-house production quota
  • Professional analysis and documentation
  • Professional support and advice
  • Many years of experience in all technologies for input systems

Contact us today - it's worth it!

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