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Ersa soldering tips with patented ERSADUR coating - designed for demanding industrial applications for permanent use. They are suitable for both leaded and lead-free soldering.

The patented Tip'n'Turn concept enables tip change in record time thanks to the bayonet lock.
Safely change the soldering tip in the blink of an eye, with the storage stand or by hand.
The handpiece of the i-TOOL MK2 is also convincing in continuous operation because it remains pleasantly cool! No additional soldering tip attachment is needed any more.

The latest i-TOOL MK2 generation with 20% more soldering power compared to the i-Tool with screw connection is one of the smallest and most powerful fine soldering irons on the market, which not only achieves improved quality and productivity in hand soldering, but also an enormous reduction in operating costs.

Unlike cartridge tips, the expensive heating element is retained when the tip is changed without tools. The tip and the heating element are changed separately, which makes the system not only ecologically but also economically sustainable.

With printed barcode for easy integration of the soldering tip into the soldering programmes of the i-CON TRACE Cockpit.