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Our touchscreen solutions - the right idea for every industry

Graphical user interfaces via a display have long been taken for granted in consumer electronics.
The technology behind them opens up new and simple operating concepts for industrial applications as well.

In industrial applications such as automation technology, medical technology, but also in automation systems or information terminals, touch screen solutions are being used more and more frequently due to their functionality and flexibility.

Depending on the application and field of use, we compare the respective advantages and disadvantages of the different touch technologies.


Capacitive touchscreens

There are different types of capacitive touchscreens. Nowadays, so-called projected capacitive touches - also called PCT or PCAP - are usually used.
With touchscreens of this type, two insulated, conductive layers lie on top of each other, which are printed with a manufacturer-specific pattern. These are basically small capacitors. If you approach the touch surface with your finger or touch it, an electrical charge is withdrawn from the capacitors. An electronic system recognises this change as a touch.

The advantage of PCT over surface capacitive touches is that the touch sensor can be mounted on the back of a cover glass and the capacitive fields are projected through the glass. Thanks to this functional principle, a vandal-proof, wear-free design is possible.


Resistive touchscreens

The resistive touchscreens consist of transparent, conductive, vapour-deposited layers. A light touch on the screen surface is sufficient to trigger the operating functions. A small controller unit monitors the touchscreen and reports the touch. The connected computer therefore always knows where something is happening on the screen and can react accordingly - with millimetre precision.

The touch screens can be produced in 4, 5 or even 8-wire technology and are available in many functional and optical variants, either loose or integrated in keyboards with complete control electronics. Customised solutions from prototype to series production are also possible.

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