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Neuhardstrasse 38
4600 Olten, CH
+41 62 836 80 10,

You need Printed circuit boards assembled or Printed circuit boards unassembled, rigid or flexible, cost-effective and of the highest quality?

Then you've come to the right place!

With our many years of experience in the PCB business, we help you to strengthen your competitiveness by taking over the entire procurement chain for you.

Don't get involved in an adventure with cheapest suppliers that keep popping up!

We manage for you the very time-consuming and sometimes risky purchase of printed circuit boards.
With our close contacts to renowned PCB manufacturers in Asia, which have existed for decades, we are optimally networked and positioned.

You are also on the safe side legally, because you are buying from a Swiss company under Swiss law.
As a direct purchaser, you would be immediately confronted with local, country-specific or international law, high legal costs and only a modest chance of enforcing your claims in the event of problems.

In the end, we are guaranteed to be cheaper than direct purchasing!
Please bear in mind: Direct purchasing from Switzerland without extensive experience and personal contacts with Eastern and Far Eastern manufacturers is always associated with personnel-intensive and cost-intensive processes as well as increased risks (research, enquiries, translation costs, legal advice costs, organisation of transport, customs & import costs, 100% advance payment, money transfer costs, etc.), despite often superficially low unit costs. This is only worthwhile with very large quantities and the use of once developed structures over several years.

We open up purchasing advantages for you that you as a direct customer would not get anywhere else in the East or Far East and distribute our already low ancillary costs over many shoulders through our intelligent purchasing management.

Contact and test us - t's worth it!

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