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TAMURA ELSOLD Solder Bars & Ingots

Increasing miniaturisation, increased demands on the reliability of complex electronic assemblies, even over a long period of time, as well as the associated extended performance features, place the highest demands on soldering quality today.

For this reason, TAMURA ELSOLD soft solders are manufactured entirely from carefully selected base metals of first melting.
TAMURA ELSOLD soft solders cover the entire range of applications in electronics: machine, high temperature and special solders (low melting alloys, solders for quiescent melts).

TAMURA ELSOLD Solder Bars & Ingots

TAMURA ELSOLD Bars and ingots
Forms of delivery

Solid soft solders are available in the following designs:

Triangular bars

8 x 10 x 400 mm

in bunches of approx. 25 kg

Sounding bar

50 x 18 x 600 mm
50 x 20 x 490 mm

approx. 3.4 kg per piece*
approx. 3.2 kg per piece*

Clippings for initial filling

8 x 10 x ca. 30 mm


1 kg Bars

20 x 20 x 335 mm

1 kg

*Weight lead-free solders

Other delivery forms are wide bars, flat strips, rods, thin bars, threads, solid wires etc., on request.
TAMURA ELSOLD alloys comply with DIN EN 29453, DIN EN 61190-1-3 and the TAMURA ELSOLD in-house standards.
All alloys also available in deoxidised version on request.


Deoxidation tablets

Deoxidation tablets for leaded and lead-free solder baths

  • to reduce the formation of dross
  • the oxidation rate of the solder is reduced by a very thin protective layer
  • recommended dosage: approx. 3-5 tablets per 10 kg of solder, depending on the area of application


  • Tin from sustainable extraction in Peru
  • Promoting sustainably operating companies and increasing market-based pressure on all other tin producers
  • For all lead-free solder bars and rods as well as solid and flux-cored wires
  • Well-known, highest TAMURA ELSOLD quality
  • Proof of fair origin also for your customers and your ISO 14001 programme automatically in the acceptance test certificate