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HR 600/2 Hybrid Rework System with high-performance 800 W hybrid heater

Artikelnr. 0HR600/2

ERSA HR 600/2 Hybrid Rework System

New definition of assembly unit repair - automatic, flexible and process reliable! Highly efficient 800 W hybrid heating head Homogeneous, large-area IR bottom heating with 3 heating zones at 800 W each Automatic and precise component alignment with the help of machine vision Highly accurate, motor-driven axis system for component placement (+/- 0.025 mm) User independent, reproducible repair results guaranteed Process control and documentation via the operator software HRSoft Fully automatic or semiautomatic operation Suitable for the use of the dip & print station


Dimensions: (W x D x H) in mm: 850 x 660 x 620

Weight in kg: 57

Antistatic design

Power rating in W: 3'200

Nominal voltage in VAC: 230

Air pressure connection: 6-10 bar (oilfree), 1/4 Zoll quick coupling

Airvolume cooling : ca. 65 l/min (@ 6 bar)

Upper heating: Hybrid heater 800 W), 380 x 250 mm

Print size in mm: to 390 x 300 mm (+x)

Components in mm: from 1 x 1 to 50 x 50

Handling: Windows-PC

Certificate: CE

Option: Reflow-Process camera: 10 MP CMOS USB-color camera, 25 mm focal length; liegting: 2x LED spot light, adjustable