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Sales Kit 1 / 90°

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ERSA mobile scope - inspection system

About the ERSA mobile scope:

The ERSA mobile scope is a mobile Video Microscope designed for visual inspection, digital image recording and software measurements of solder joints of BGA, μBGA, CSP, Flip-Chip packages. ERSA mobile scope can also be used for visual control of pads, solders, components etc. on PCBs in the production plants as well as in the laboratories and for R&D.


Dimensions (L x W x H) mm: 114 x 36 x 51 (without supply line)

Weight in g: 210

Principle: Integrated optical system with built-in camera and LED light source

Model: Plastic, built-in lens 3 mm image field, light controller integrated (light generation in optics)

Light control: Potentiometer (0% - 100%)

Backlight properties: Cold light LED lighting (option), separately hand-held, with light brush and light intensity adjustment

Focus adjustment: Integrated focus ring on the optics

Connections: USB 2.0 connection cable (USB-A, length 2.5 m), connection flange for MOBILE SCOPE optics


Interchangeable optics 90° BGA module:

Version: Integrated zoom optics, stereo illumination via built-in LED light source with plastic fiber optics, prism deflection optics 90°

Application: Inspection of hidden solder joints with gap dimensions from 50 to 1,500 μm (BGA, PLCC, QFP etc.)

Total length in mm: 83

Weight in g: 60

Magnification: up to 15x - 180x (on 14" monitor)

Footprint: 8,2 mm x 0,8 mm

Focus: 0,5 mm - 30 mm


Interchangeable optics 0° supervisory module:

Version: Integrated zoom optics, built-in, dimmable LED lighting, distance pin with three distance levels

Application: Fast, flexible supervisory inspection with high magnification

Total length in mm: 43 (with telescopic support max. 85)

Weight in g: 35

Magnification: 8x - 80x (14" monitor)

Focus: 5 - 200 mm


Inspection camera:

Version: 1/3" N-MOS Solid State color image sensor, permanently integrated in MOBILE SCOPE base unit


Battery light source:

Design: LED fiber light, cold white power LED, 64x 0.25 mm plastic fiber optic cable

Lifespan: min. 5000 hours

Power supply: 3x AA (LR06) batteries (alkaline recommended)

Certificate: CE

Weight in g: ca. 220 (incl. batteries)

Antistatic version

Dimensions (W x H) in mm: Diameter 26 (40) x 250


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