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Protective & Insulating Coating Electronics, 400ml

Artikelnr. RTS-771-400



  • Particularly resistant protective and insulating coating for electronics
  • URETHANE-CLEAR is a transparent, air-drying one-component polyurethane coating with excellent insulating properties
  • It offers high surface and through resistance, good dielectric strength, low dielectric constant and loss factors
  • URETHANE-CLEAR is resistant to moisture, diluted acids and alkalis
  • The paint is elastic, abrasion and adhesion resistant. It has a permanently good adhesion in the temperature range from -40° C to +120° C.
  • During the drying season, the paint is chemically crosslinked, so that it provides excellent protection even in damp or aggressive environmental conditions.
  • Quantity, unit:

Spray can

  • Content: 400 ml
  • 12 cans per box
  • Larger containers on request: also available in 1 litre and 5 litre

This product is a limited quantity in accordance with transport regulations.


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