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Highly effective cleaner, 400ml

Artikelnr. RTS-703-400



  • Highly effective cleaner for dirty contacts and components
  • SPRAYWASH consists of a special and highly effective solvent combination and enables the safe removal of dirt or grease coatings as well as the oxide layers converted by OXYD-OFF
  • The good creep and flow properties mean that dirt can be easily washed away when used properly.
  • SPRAYWASH does not attack the most common materials and evaporates completely residue-free after a short time

Quantity, unit:

  • Spray in aluminium can
  • Content: 400 ml
  • 12 cans per box
  • Larger containers on request
  • This product is a limited quantity in accordance with transport regulations.


Preis pro Artikel
exkl. MwSt.

9.80 CHF