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Clear lacquer / acrylic lacquer electronics, 400ml

Artikelnr. RTS-770-400



  • Clearcoat for insulation, sealing and sealing
  • PLASTIC is a quick-drying, colorless, transparent acrylic lacquer and suitable as a corrosion protection coating for printed circuit boards
  • PLASTIC has excellent insulating properties and protects against moisture and inorganic, acidic and alkaline vapours
  • PLASTIC has a permanently good adhesion. Can be used in the temperature range between -70° C and +100° C and can be briefly exposed to temperatures up to a maximum of 120° C.
  • The paint is solderable and allows repair on printed circuit boards. Guarantees the permanent protection of printed circuit boards, can be used for re-insulating coils and as a universal clear coat for metal, paper, signs, etc.
  • PLASTIC adheres to metal, plastic, wood, cardboard, glass, etc. It does not drip and contains a UV indicator for quality control
  • PLASTIC complies with MIL-I-460580 "Type Acrylic Resin"

Quantity, unit:

  • Spray can
    Content: 400 ml
    12 cans per box
    Larger containers on request: also available in 1 litre and 5 litre
    This product is a limited quantity in accordance with transport regulations.


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