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Contact Cleaner, 400ml

Artikelnr. RTS-701-400



  • Highly effective, oxide- and sulfide-dissolving contact cleaner
  • OXYD-OFF effectively removes oxide and sulphide layers from metallic contact surfaces of all kinds
  • At the same time, specially selected ingredients ensure accumulating sliding and corrosion protection
  • Faults caused by contact resistors are prevented and reduced
  • Voltage losses are eliminated
  • The functionality of all electromagnetic contacts is maintained in the long term

Quantity, unit:

  • Spray in aluminium can
  • Content: 400 ml
  • 12 cans per box
  • Larger containers on request
  • This product is a limited quantity in accordance with transport regulations.


Preis pro Artikel
exkl. MwSt.

10.50 CHF