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2.5% Flux / Coil à 250gr.

Artikelnr. ESAC305C3-25-15-250

Elsold Tube solder SAC305 C3 (lead-free), 1.5mm

ELSOLD tube solders are used for automatic soldering, manual soldering or repair soldering in all areas of electronics and electrics.

The characteristics / differences:
SAC305 C3 tube solders:
The most commonly used solder, the standard alloy for tin-silver-copper solders. Suitable for a wide range of applications with halogen-free flux, mostly used and suitable for all applications in electronics.

Alloy: SN 96.5, Ag 3.0%, Cu 0.5%

Melting point: 217-219°C

Flux: ROLO

Flux content: 2.5%

Wire diameter: 1.5mm

Weight: Coil à 250gr.


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