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Dry tip sponge metal

Artikelnr. 0008M/10

Dry tip sponge  (10 pc.)

ERSA Dry sponge for 0A08M, 0A52, 0A53, 0A54, 0A56, 0A57 pu/ 10 pcs.

Dry tip sponge metal for toolholders:
0A50, 0A52, 0A54, 0A56 and for mounting for dry cleaner 0A08M.

When using lead-free solders, there is an increased oxide formation on the surface of the soldering tip, which can very quickly lead to a black unwettable separating layer.
The ERSA dry sponges use a special spiral wool that removes the accumulated passive layers well during dry cleaning.
This increases the service life of the soldering tip.

Why is our dry sponge better than a conventional viscose sponge?
Viscose sponges are slightly moistened for cleaning. Today's soldering tips consist of different layers of metal. If a temperature shock occurs when cleaning the tip through the damp viscose sponge, the metal layers also expand differently. 

This can lead to microcracks on the surface. This leads to higher wear, especially if lead-free solder is still used now, this attacks the vulnerable areas.

Since no temperature shock occurs with the dry sponge, this is the gentler solution.


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