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Heating element 150W MK2

Artikelnr. 0105CDJ

Soldering Iron ERSA i-Tool MK2

Soldering iron i-TOOL MK2

Scope of delivery:
Soldering iron MK2 with packaging, equipped with an ERSADUR-LF permanent soldering tip (0142CDLF16) for the i-CON MK2 soldering station (0IC1005A or 0IC1105A).

Soldering iron i-TOOL MK2 with 150 W micro high-power heating element.
The new Tip'n'Turn technology enables a faster and safer tip change by using a new bayonet attachment. In addition to improved ergonomics, the 142 tip series offers improved heat transfer and high performance at an optimal price-performance ratio.
This new heating technology enables the i-TOOL MK2 (0105CDJ) soldering iron to heat up and reheat from room temperature to 350 °C in approx. 9 seconds and from stand-by (280 °C) in approx. 3 seconds.
The heating element (016100J) and the soldering tip (142 series) are separate from each other.

Voltage: 24 V
Effective power: 150 W
Tip temperature max.: 450 °C
Heat up time: 9 s
Weight: 145 g
Antistatic: yes
Soldering tip replaceable: yes
(De-)Soldering Tip (incl.): 0142CDLF16
Shape soldering tip: chisel shaped
Coating: Continuous soldering tip
Diameter soldering tip: 1,6 mm



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