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ERSA i-Tool Air S 200W / 2 bis 20 l/min

Artikelnr. 0470ERJ

Hot Air Piston ERSA i-TOOL AIR S

i-Tool-AIR S Ergonomically and easy to handle, strong in the perfomance! That is an apt description of the i-Tool AIR S. The slim and light weight hand piece carries a heating cartridge with 200 W power, and permits fatigue-reduced work on a multitude of SMD components. The hot air volume to be delivered can simply be set at the hand piece; the air volume ( 2 to 20l/min) used can be read off at the display of either the i-CON VARIO 2 or the i-CON VARIO 4. the air volume is metered out precisley for attaching even the most delicate chip resistors. To allow to optimally heat up the components, a number of different nozzle geometries can be used. Whenever the unit is removed from its tray, a motion sensor activates the i-Tool AIR S, and with its IR Sensor mounted in the hand piece, it has an auto on/off function. Replacement for 0470BRJ


Antistatic: yes
type of desoldering tip: long life tip
Inner diameter desoldering tip: 3,5 mm

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