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Soldering iron 150W

Artikelnr. 0140CDJ


The soldering iron i-TOOL TRACE offers the user superior performance. The extremely lightweight and powerful fine soldering iron has 150 W power and a SENSOTRONIC temperature control. This ensures very fast heat-up and even faster reheat, providing a stable temperature profile. The automatic standby function ensures economical and energy-efficient soldering. The adjustable standby parameters (time, temperature) ensure that the soldering iron can be used in an optimally coordinated manner without unnecessary waiting times. The thermally optimized tip design and a variety of different tip geometries bring the heat to the solder joint with pinpoint accuracy and cover a wide range of applications. Tip'n'Turn is the patented concept for combining soldering tip and heating element. The bayonet lock allows the soldering tip to be changed quickly even when hot, either with the aid of the 0A58 holder or by hand. The heating element and tips can be changed separately so that each part only needs to be replaced when really necessary, thus saving resources.

ATTENTION: The article is not compatible with i-CON 1(V), i-CON 2(V), i-CON VARIO (2+4)


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