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Chip Tool Vario 2x 40W

Artikelnr. 0460MDJ

Desoldering tweezers ERSA CHIP TOOL VARIO

Chip Tool Vario The desoldering tweezers Chip Tool VARIO distinguishes itself through the high power it provides ( 2 x 40 W ) as well as its small, compact design. On account of this, it is ideally suited for working with delicate SMD components. The pluggable pair of heating elements can be precisely aligned to each other at the grip, and are easily and quickly exchangable. A switching element provided for allows for the change over from self-opening to self-closing operation and vice-versa of this pecision tool. The Chip Tool VARIO has, as is the case with the i-Tool and the i-Tool AIR, the proven and reliable motion sensor to activate out of stand-by.

Antistatic: yes
Type of desoldering insert: long life tip
Leg width: 0,7
Leg length: 82
Shape soldering tip: chisel shaped

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