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Soldering station Basic tool 60

Artikelnr. 0ANA60

ERSA Soldering station ANALOG 60

Soldering Station ERSA ANALOG 60 The Standard - Proven technology for all-round use. The electronically temperature-controlled ERSA ANALOG 60 soldering station is the standard model in ERSA's series of soldering stations. The high heat-up rating of 190 W ensures an immediate supply of heat. The precise ERSA RESISTRONIC control system exploits the positive effect of the PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) heating element and herewith internally heated ERSADUR long-life soldering tips with anti- rotation lock. A potential equalization jack with a high-resistance connection to the soldering tip ensures the safety of sensitive components. The multifunctional holder with its swiveling sponge container also functions as a hot tip holder. Consisting of electronic station 0ANA603, soldering iron Basic tool 60 with long-life soldering tip 0832CD and tool holder 0A28.


Weitere Angaben

Supply voltage: 230 V
Effective power: 60 W
Secondary voltage: 24 V
Digital display: no
Antistatic: no
Temperature: 150-450 °C
LSoldering tip replaceable: yes
Soldering/Desoldering Tool: BASIC TOOL
(De-)Soldering Tip (incl.): 0832CDLF
Model: long life tip
Shape: chisel shaped
Diameter soldering tip: 2,2 mm



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