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Soldering station complet with soldering iron

Artikelnr. 0ANA60A

ERSA Soldering station Analog 60 A /230

Soldering Station ERSA ANALOG 60 A The Industrial Soldering Station with the ergonomic soldering iron In addition to having all the merits of the proven ERSA ANALOG 60 station, the electronically temperature-controlled ERSA ANALOG 60 A soldering station is fully antistatic in compliance with MIL-SPEC/ESA standards. The ERSA RESISTRONIC control system controls the working temperature by measuring the resistance of the ceramic heating element. You can adjust the working temperature at the soldering station on a continuous scale between 150°C (300°F) and 450°C (840°F). The PTC (positive temperature coefficient) heating elements impressive heat up rating of 190 W ensures there is an ade-quate, controlled supply of heat. The extremely easy-to-handle and fully antistatic ERSA Ergo tool soldering iron heats up to a temperature of 280°C (545°F) in only 60 seconds. Thanks to its innovative design, the ergonomically shaped soldering iron fits comfortably in your hand and remains cool regardless of the application. A potential equalization jack with a high-resistance connection to the soldering tip ensures the safety of the components. The large selection of long-lasting, internally heated ERSADUR-soldering tips, make this versatile soldering station suitable for most industrial soldering applications. The fully antistatic multifunctional holder with its swiveling sponge container also functions as a hot tip holder. In addition, the holder is designed so that you can use ERSA soldering irons with virtually any commercially available solder fume extraction system provided you have an adapter. The station consist of electronic station 0ANA603A with mains cable 3K120KR053075, soldering iron Ergo tool 0680CDJ with long-life tip 0832CD and tool holder 0A42.


Weitere Angaben

Supply voltage: 230 V
Effective power: 60 W
Secondary voltage: 24 V
Digital display: no
Antistatic: no
Temperature: 150-450 °C
Soldering tip replaceable: yes
Soldering/Desoldering Tool:
(De-)Soldering Tip (incl.): 0832CDLF
Model: long life tip
Shape: chisel shaped
diameter soldering tip:2,2 mm 2,2 mm



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