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Soldering station

Artikelnr. 0ICT103A

Electronic Station for i-CON TRACE

As Ersa's first IoT soldering station, the i-CON TRACE revolutionizes the market for industrial soldering stations. The i-CON TRACE is the first soldering station that already enables seamless process control during manual soldering in its delivery state. The soldering station is primarily intended for use in a digitally networked environment - essential settings are made via input devices in the network, such as PCs, tablets or smartphones. Of course, an MES (Manufacturing Execution System) can also be used for data exchange. This gives the user simultaneous access to all soldering stations in the network and makes operation extremely comfortable. The most important differentiating features (USPs) are connectivity and high process reliability, from which numerous significant advantages result: • Complete traceability and documentation of the hand soldering process • Increased process reliability by presetting the parameters and documentation of the process data • Increased productivity and soldering quality due to particularly fast and safe change of the soldering tip: Tip‘n’Turn • Highest precision and excellent reliability • Significant cost savings due to separately replaceable soldering tips


Supply voltage: 230 V
Effective power: 230 W
Secondary voltage: 24 V
Digital display: no
Antistatic: yes
Temperature: 50-450 °C

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289.00 CHF