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High-Speed Soldering Iron 75W - CH-plug

Artikelnr. 0960ED

Soldering Iron ERSA Multi-Sprint

ERSA High-Speed Soldering Iron The ERSA Multi-Sprint (with CH-plug) is an extremely light, transformerindependent solder gun with a heat-up rating up to 150 W and an ergonomic design. In combination with the internally heated ERSADUR longlife soldering tip, the Multi-Sprint´s PTC heating element offers especially high performance. The short heat-up time makes it ideal for high-speed series soldering. The Multi-Sprint is heated only as long as the button is pressed. The large selection of tips of the 832 / 842 series affords a wide range of applications, and not just in service and repairs. Complete with ERSADUR-Long-life soldering tip (0832ED).

Voltage: 230 V
Effective power: 75 W
Tip temperature max.: 450 °C
Heat up time: 20 s
Weight: 277 g
Antistatic: no
Soldering tip replaceable: yes
(De-)Soldering Tip (incl.):
Shape of soldering tip: chisel shaped
Coating: long life tip
Diameter soldering tip: 3,2 mm

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