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Gas soldering iron

Artikelnr. 0G130KN

ERSA Independent 130

Mobile power - wherever you want! The INDEPENDET 130 gassoldering iron will meet your every need. The economic, antistatic gass oldering iron with piezo ignition is ideal for service and maintanance work, especially if there is no power supply available. The continuously adjustable output of 25 - 130 W (compared with electrical soldering irons) allows maximum soldering tip temperatures of up to 580° C/1,076° F. The INDEPENDENT 130 is powered by filtered butane gas. Operating time per gas filling is about 120 min. This gassoldering iron comes fully equipped with soldering tip 0G130KN/SB. Gassoldering irons come without gas, gas (0G808K) needs to be purchased seperately.


Effective power: 130 W
Heat up time: 50 s
Temperature max.: 580 °C
Operating time / one gas filling: 120 min
Ignition: Piezo
Shape soldering tip: meißelförmig
Diameter soldering tip:: 2,4 mm
Model: long life tip
Weight: 134 g

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