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Fume extraction with 1 fold suction

Artikelnr. 0CA10-001

Fume extraction Easy Arm 1

Ersa EASY ARM 1 Soldering smoke extraction systems of a new generation - quiet & efficient as never before! - Infinitely adjustable suction power - Effective 3-stage filter system with a filter effect of 99.97% -  Suction capacity of 110 m³/h per extraction arm - Optical and acoustic reminder signal for filter change - High-quality filter materials that can be used for both devices of the EASY ARM series - Interface interface for connection to i-CON soldering stations or a standby switch - Flexible system of extraction arms and nozzles enables the individual design of the workstations - Small space requirement.

Weitere Angaben

Voltage: 240 V
Effective power: 50 W
Flow: 110 m3/h
Type of suction: workplace
Length in mm: 255 mm
Width: 255 mm
Height: 470 mm
Weight: 7.500 g