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Scavenger for HR550 Rework System

Artikelnr. 0SC550

Scavenging unit for HR550

Remove residual solder contactless

For HR 550 and HR 550 XL:
- High-quality 400 W hot gas/vacuum cartridge in the suction head
- Spacious solder collection container
- Process gas cleaning
- Integration into HR 550 or HR 550 XL possible
- Process control via HRSoft 2 and clear operating elements

Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm: 300 x 210 x 420 mm

Dimensions: space requirement approx. 600 x 500 mm

Weight in kg: 18,5


Effective Power in W: 400

Nominal voltage in VAC: 230

Top heating: hot gas

Compressed air connection: 60 l/min at 6 bar. oil-free, quick coupling 1/4 inch

Component size in mm: all common SMD pad formats

Operation: Adjustment elements and HRSoft 2

Certification mark: CE


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