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IR 550A Infrared Rework System with Dynamic 800 W IR-heating head & 800W lower heating

Artikelnr. 0IR550A

ERSA IR 550A Infrared Rework System

The IR 550 is the "Best Seller" in the ERSA rework line with thousands systems sold. This module uses DynamicIR Heating Technology for fully automatic dynamic control of the top (800 W / 60 mm x 60 mm) and bottom (800 W / 135 mm x 260 mm) IR heaters. Depending on board size, thermal mass of the substrate, and component size, the DynamicIR heaters (total of 1,600 W) guarantee that the required heat energy is delivered at the precise time and location in order to ensure that the component exactly follows the prescribed temperature profile. Combined with the enhanced capability to run a flat peak, this revolutionary technology affords the lowest temperature deltas across the component, and greatly reduces PCB warpage.


Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm: 300 x 380 x 315

Weight in kg: 9,75

Model antistatic

Power rating in W: 1'600

Nominal voltage in VAC: 230

Top heating: IR spotlight 800 W

Bottom heating: IR spotlight 2 x 400 W

PCB size in mm: from 20 x 20 to ~ 300 x 340

Components in mm: 1 x 1 up to 60 x 60

Operation: Keyboard or Windows PC

Prüfzeichen: CE, VDE


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