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HR 100A Hybrid Rework System with 200 W Hybrid Tool

Artikelnr. 0IRHR100A

ERSA HR 100A Hybrid Rework System

ERSA HR 100, Hybrid Rework Station ERSA HR 100 - Patented Hybrid Rework Technology The patented HR 100 ERSA Hybrid Rework system introduces the revolutionary Hybrid heating technology which combines infrared as well as convection heating in one hand tool for the soldering and de- soldering of densely packed SMT components. By means of IR radiation augmented by a gentle flow of hot air, the Hybrid Tool delivers homogenous heat to components sizing from 0201s to 20 x 20 mm SMDs. Exchangeable hybrid adaptors focus 200 W of hybrid heating power onto the component while protecting chips from blowing away. HR 100 Module Features: •Hybrid Tool with 200 W heating element; positioning laser in the Hybrid Tool handle •Three exchangeable Hybrid Adaptors (6 x 6 mm, 10 x 10 mm and 20 x 20 mm) •Low Noise Rework Blower (below 40db) •Integrated vacuum pump & VacPen; tool holder and K-Typ TC input socket; USB interface; LEDdisplay; •2 Channel Temp. Recording: TC & IRS; AccuTC and Flexpoint TC holder Convince yourself of the significant advantages of the ERSA HR 100 rework system! Ordering information: 0IRHR100A-HP HR 100 & IRHP 100 as complete set 0IRHR100A Hybrid Rework System HR 100 with 200 W Hybrid Tool, three Hybrid Adaptors, Adaptor changer, VacPen and tool holder


HR 100 basis station:

Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm: 211 x 220 x 168

Weight in kg: 4,5


Power rating in W: 200

Nominal voltagein VAC: 230

Upper heating : 200 W (Hybrid Tool)

Components in mm: 1 x 1 up to 20 x 20

Handling : One-Touch control button or Windows-PC

Cetrifitcate: CE


Hybrid Tool:

Lengths in mm: Supply pipe 1'350

Weight in kg: 0,3

Power rating in W: 200

Model antistatic


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