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HR 100A-HP Hybrid Rework System complete with heating plate 800 W, tripod & Hybrid Tool 200 W

Artikelnr. 0IRHR100A-HP

ERSA HR 100A-HP Hybrid Rework System complete

Hybrid Rework System HR 100, complete with heating plate, tripod and reception for Hybrid Tool

Basic system (0IRHR100A) additionally with 800 W IR bottom heating, tripod and ladder plug holder; also included are an AccuTC thermocouple and Flexpoint TE holder.

The HR 100 uses Ersa's revolutionary & patented hybrid rework technology for safe soldering and replacement of small SMDs!

The medium-wave IR radiation in combination with a gentle hot air jet guarantees optimum energy transfer to the component. The Hybrid Tool offers gentle and homogeneous heating of components from 0201 chips up to 20 x 20 mm SMDs and larger.
Interchangeable hybrid adapters direct up to 200 W of hybrid heat specifically to the component - adjacent areas are protected and adjacent components are not blown away.Features of the HR 100 module:
- Hybrid tool with 200 W heating element;
- Position laser in the handle
- Three interchangeable hybrid adapters (6 x 6 mm, 10 x 10 mm and 20 x 20 mm)
- Low-noise rework fan (below 40 dB)
- Integrated vacuum pump & VacPen
- Tool holder and K-type thermocouple connector
- USB interface
- LED display
- 2-channel temp. recording: TC & IRS
- AccuTC and Flexpoint thermocouple holder

Ordering instructions: 0IRHR100A-HP HR 100 & IRHP 100 (complete set) 0IRHR100A Hybrid Rework System HR 100 with 200 W Hybrid Tool, three hybrid adapters, pull-off tool, VacPen and tool tray.

HR 100 Basis station:

Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm: 211 x 220 x 168

Weight in kg: 4,5

Model antistatic

Power rating in W: 200

Ninal voltage in VAC: 230

Upper heating: 00 W (Hybrid Tool)

Components in mm: 1 x 1 up to 20 x 20

Operation: One-touch control button or Windows PC

Cetrificate: CE


Hybrid Tool

Length in mm: Supply pipe 1'350

Weight in kg: 0,3

Power rating in W: 200

Model antistatic


HP 100 Heizplatte mit Stativ:

Abmessungen (B x T x H) in mm: 200 x 260 x 53,5

Gewicht in kg: 2,5

Ausführung antistatisch

Nennleistung in W: 800

Nennspannung in VAC: 230

Leiterplattengrösse in mm: von 20 x 20 bis ~ 290 x 250

Prüfzeichen: CE


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