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Soldering station with soldering iron & preheating unit & holder

Artikelnr. 0ICV2000AI

ERSA i-CON VARIO 2 with i-Tool & i-Tool AIR

i-CON VARIO 2. The i-CON VARIO 2 multichannel soldering and desoldering station offers to the professional user two simultaneously usable soldering tools. In parallel to the new, ergonomically designed hot air soldering unit i- Tool AIR S (200 W) is it possible to operate another soldering tool such as the 150 W i-Tool, the ideal tool for classical soldering applications, or the new developed desoldering tweezers Chip Tool Vario (80 W). Alternatively to these, other Ersa soldering tools may be connected. The compact, ESD static safe supply unit offers the easy and clearly arranged display, which is in the i-CON family of tools a standard feature. As in the larger i-CON VARIO 4, interfaces for the Ersa solder fume extractor unit or the infrared preheating unit are available, also the method to quickly and safely configure the station with a microSD memory card. Including i-Tool AIR S (0470ERJ) and i-Tool (0100CDJ) and holder (0A55 + 0A52).


Weitere Angaben

Supply voltage: 230 V
Effective power: 200 W
Secondary voltage: 24 V
Temperature: 150-450 °C
Antistatic: yes
Digital display: yes
Soldering/Desoldering Tool: i-TOOL AIR S
(De-)Soldering Tip (incl.): 0472ER
type of desoldering tip:: long life tip
Desoldering tip shape: other
Desoldering tip diameter: 3,5 mm
Soldering/Desoldering Tool: i-TOOL
(De-)Soldering Tip (incl.): 0102CDLF16
Model: long life tip
Shape: chisel shaped
diameter soldering tip: 1,6 mm

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