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Soldering station complete with desoldering tweezers & holder

Artikelnr. 0IC1100VCV


The i-CON1 V features the new control technology users already know from the i-CON VARIO stations. It is now possible to operate the desolgerin tools CHIP TOOL VARIO (0460MDJ) and X-TOOL VARIO (0740EDJ). Furthermore, already existing soldering tools, such as the POWER TOOL (0840CDJ)for example, can be used with this station. Consequently, the operator can select from a total of eight tools for different soldering and desoldering applications. To provide the necessary vacuum for X-TOOl VARIO (0740EDJ), Ersa offers a vacuum station (0CU100V) to be connected to the i-CON1 V station. This station comes fully equipped with the power supply unit (0IC113V) with power cord (3K121KR003086), desoldering tweezers CHIP TOOl VARIO (0460MDJ) with desoldering tips 0462MDLF0007 and antistatic holder (0A54).


Weitere Angaben

Supply voltage: 230 V
Effective power: 150 W
Secondary voltage: 24 V
Temperature: 150-450 °C
Antistatic: yes
Digital display: yes
Antistatic: yes
Soldering tip replaceable: yes
Soldering tip: CHIP TOOL VARIO
(De-)Soldering Tip (incl.): 0462MDLF007
Model: long life tip

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