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Soldering station

Artikelnr. 0IC22300C

Electronic Station for i-CON 2V C with Interface

The double channel soldering and desoldering station i-CON2 V is a consistent further development of the well-known i-CON2 based on the future-oriented Ersa Vario platform. In addition to the present soldering and desoldering tool, the station can also drive the SMD desoldering tweezers CHIP TOOL Vario and the PTH desoldering iron X-TOOL Vario. The station utilizes an intelligent power management to shift dynamically its power between the attached tools. The i-CON2 V convinces by its intuitive One-Toch operation and the large multifunctional display. The station meets the ESD requirements. This version with interface enables you to connect a fume extraction unit, a heating plate or a PC. The power supply station comes without the power cord 3K120KR053075.


Supply voltage: 230 V
Effective power: 150 W
Secondary voltage: 24 V
Digital display: yes
Antistatc: yes
Temperature: 150-450 °C

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